What are your office hours?


Office hours are by appointment only.

Is there a charge for the first meeting?


There is no charge for the first meeting.  Prior to incurring any charges, fees will be clearly discussed and agreed upon.

What should I bring with me for our first appointment?


If easily available, bring copies of all existing documents, such as: wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health-care directives. Also bring copies of the ownership papers for all assets, such as: deeds, car titles, bank accounts, income statements, and securities.

What are Health Care Directives?


They are known by many names, e.g. Health Care Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), and Living Will. They should be part of your Estate Planning that answers questions such as: Who will make my health care decisions when I cannot? Should life be prolonged through extraordinary methods? Should medical care be stopped or withheld? Do I wish to make an organ donation?

Who will take care of my pets?


You may express this in your estate planning documents and provide appropriate financing for their care.